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Strong Indications Already For a Busy Winter Season Ahead

Thursday, November 03, 2016

We're already seeing strong signs that the imminent winter selling season is showing great promise.

The number of listings is already beginning to increase – something we always see as winter approaches. However, it seems that the trend set in very early this year.

If we look at the latest statistics for Bonita Springs and Estero area, for example, we can see that, in September, the overall number of active listings was 903.

This compares with just 670 for the previous year, indicating that sellers have followed the advice we gave in a recent blog about listing early to take full advantage of all the great selling opportunities the winter season has to offer.

Many of our part-time residents have also started arriving in significant numbers, which is yet another sign of a very robust and rapid start this year.

It's really good news that better levels of inventory will be in place to help satisfy what we anticipate being strong demand this winter, as mortgage rates continue at arguably irresistible low levels.

We can also take encouragement by looking at trends further afield that are likely to influence real estate activities here on the Gulf coast.

Statewide, median sales prices for both single family and townhouse-condo properties rose year-on-year for the 58th consecutive month.

Nationally, pending home sales increased in September, after a significant dip in August, to be at the fifth highest level over the past year - again another positive sign that buyer sentiment is set to grow in the fall/winter period.

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) reports that buyer demand is at impressive levels this fall, with stronger foot traffic than was evident a year ago. Steady job gains and evidence of improving wage levels are helping to elevate home prices, as more households consider buying a home.

NAR also says that sales are at their third highest pace since the pre-recession days of February 2007. And, as we recently observed in this blog, first time buyers have made a very significant reappearance for the first time in many years.

It really is shaping up to be a great winter to sell. Why not contact us today to discover how we are uniquely placed to help you optimize your potential returns in the coming months.

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Strong Indications Already For a Busy Winter Season Ahead
We're already seeing strong signs that the imminent winter selling season is showing...

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