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Is Your Agent Active or Passive?

Friday, December 09, 2016

We are just around the corner from one of the happiest times of the year, and yet there will be many sellers who will be approaching it carrying the huge disappointment of not having sold their property in 2016, even though it has been on the market for many months.

A common conclusion that we have witnessed sellers reaching over the years is that their current agent simply hasn't made a strong enough effort to get the home sold.

As we've said before in these blogs, average agents sell less than a handful of homes per year, with the obvious implication that they have other calls on their time and real estate is, in fact, not their full time occupation.

Therefore if your home is not attracting any interest after many months of being listed, surely the moment has arrived to seek out your agent and carry out a review of progress to date.

All that being said, if you're having to chase your agent, you kind of already have your answer as to what efforts are being expended on your behalf…

We never cease to be amazed that so many agents adopt an entirely passive approach to representing their clients.

By passive we mean that they literally take listings and sit behind a desk waiting for someone else to sell them via access to the local MLS listing service.

While this approach may very occasionally work by accident, the agent's failure to proactively talk to contacts and other agents, as well as carry out a wide range of other marketing activities, simply means that your home sale is pretty much being left to chance.

Contrast this with the active marketing philosophy here at The Darda Group that sees us prospecting four hours per day talking to 20-30 prospects every day to find a buyer for your home. Active marketing will expose your home to our over 3000 past clients, our current sellers who will turn into buyers when we sell their homes, as well as neighboring property owners who have friends and family who would like to live nearby.

We back all this up with extensive online marketing, including this very blog and website, plus exposure to potential customers worldwide, plus a range of other advantages like the use of professional photography to present your property at its very best and an expanded hours showing service, making it easier for agents to set showings on your home vs. your competitors.

And it works! Last year The Darda Group ranked 8th in the top of all Century 21 Realtors nationwide, 10th globally and placed 2nd for Century 21 agents in Southern Florida representing beachfront and Gulf-front properties, Gulf access and Golf course communities. Year after year, we have consistently achieved the highest of accolades for our representation of buyers and sellers. We will achieve similar high performance results this year.

If you've decided to start 2017 with a new agent, why not contact us today and find out more about our track record and how we actively tailor our approach to each individual home sale.  As a result, we think you'll be able to face the holidays in a positive frame of mind again.

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Updated: Monday, December 11, 2017

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