Hurricane Ian Update #3

Post-Hurricane Ian Update #3

As of the morning of Tuesday, October 25th: 

Bridge Closures:

Last Wednesday, October 19th Governor Ron DeSantis announced that the Sanibel Causeway that was damaged in Hurricane Ian is now reopened with temporary repairs. The Florida Department of Transportation will continue to work on a permanent fix for the causeway. Power restoration, debris removal, and other recovery efforts will be much easier with the temporary causeway repairs, officials said. 

Power Outages:

For Fort Myers, FPL has reported that they have essentially restored all customers impacted by Hurricane Ian but there are about 300 FPL customers still without power. The LCEC website reports that in Cape Coral there are about 30 customers still without power. On Sanibel Island, there are about 8100 customers without power and Pine Island only has a couple without power.


Pine Island has joined the list for rescinding their curfews according to Captiva’s curfew is still in effect from 9PM - 6AM. Sanibel & Bonita Beaches curfew remains 7PM - 7AM.

Lee County Statistics:

In Cape Coral the inventory is now at 1306 homes for sale versus 1436 before the storm, a 9% drop which has been holding there for the last couple of weeks, showing signs of its levels off. 

In Fort Myers inventory is currently at 294 homes for sale versus 376 before the storm. This is a 22% drop which may be due to Fort Myers being less damaged.

Pending Sales are trending back up. In Cape Coral, the week of the storm we only had 4 homes go pending, the week after 44, last week 59, and today we have 90 pending versus 154 before the storm, a 41% drop, but it is trending back towards normal. 

In Fort Myers the week before the storm we had 43 pending versus this week we are at 50. So we are actually starting to see Fort Myers pendings exceed normal, partially explaining that drop of inventory.

According to the NewsPress, In Lee County, officials have so far deemed more than 5,000 homes destroyed and another nearly 13,000 with major damage. Federal emergency officials have helped more than 1,300 households relocate to hotels or motels and have installed more than 2,200 temporary roofs on damaged homes. 

If you have any questions on this post-hurricane Ian update please feel free to reach out. I'm Mike Darda with Darda Group and Compass FL. 239-542-2822 

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