SWFL Made the Inc. 5000 List!

The 2023 Inc. 5000 list just came out detailing the fastest-growing private companies across America, and guess what, Southwest Florida is on the list!

Most heavily represented is Fort Myers, with 9 total companies! Next is Cape Coral, which has 3 businesses represented. Followed right after is Bonita Springs with 2 companies, and both Estero and North Fort Myers made the list with 1 company each.

But what does this actually mean? 

Well…Many great things are coming, and already here in Southwest Florida!

What each of these companies are bringing to our area are 3 key economic indicators of growth; Jobs, Migration, Real Estate. 

Let’s start with jobs.

According to the Inc. 5000 list, these 16 companies alone have added 878 new jobs into the Southwest Florida market. What this is a key indicator for is more economic stimulation within our market. With companies that are doubling down on their growth, hence why they made the Inc. 5000 List, they are able to hire more employees. And we all know that with more jobs equals more spending in the marketplace.

When there are new jobs in companies that showing sure-fire signs of growth, people will come to those jobs. People are moving to Southwest Florida to fill those jobs and start their lives and careers. But when people move to new areas, what is the one thing they all have in common that they all need? REAL ESTATE!

When those who are making their migration move to Southwest Florida for their new jobs at high production - high growth companies, they need somewhere to live.  This means an influx of out-of-state buyers who are potentially buying sight unseen homes. With a motivation of a new job in a new area, buyers are still motivated to make big moves. The real estate market is not slowing down, it’s stabilizing. 

What’s most noteworthy on this list of companies here in Southwest Florida is that most have some relation to the real estate industry. Some of these companies include Lee County Plumbing and Well Service, All U Need Pest Control, Roman Roofing, and MY Shower Door Ft. Myers.  Each one of the companies that made the list that is involved in the real estate industry shows that real estate is not just as simple as buying and selling homes. This is an entire infrastructure of a multi-billion dollar industry.

Each day the real estate industry is growing. Our industry proves to be timeless, resourceful, bountiful, and successful. Those who can take even just a slice of the pie have proven over and over again to be top names in the Southwest Florida industry. 

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