The Best Contacts to Have in Your Phone This Year

The Best Contacts to Have in Your Phone This Year

For the rest of 2023, prioritizing the care of your investment; your home, should be an important aspect in your goals. One easy way to make sure that you protect your investment is by having a book of trusted contacts in your phone.  These contacts range from general repair services to specialized contractors. Here is an easy list to start building your contacts. 

1. A trusted real estate agent

While this might not be the first, most obvious choice, it actually makes the most sense. The job description of a real estate agent is to have a pocketbook of contacts and referrals for all types of situations to help clients with on a daily basis.  With years of industry experience, real estate agents such as the Darda Group, have built lists of verified and trusted preferred vendors who can assist clients with any home issues or concerns they may have. 

2. A General Handyman Service

This is an obvious, but difficult to find, contact.  Not all general handyman companies are created equal.  Some are licensed to handle more difficult jobs such as plumbing or electrical, while others may just handle simple repairs such as drywall or repairs.  At the end of the day, picking a general handyman company that is reliable is what is most important.

3. A Roof Repair Company

A roofing company is extremely important in the state of Florida because of storm season.  Finding and developing a relationship with a reliable roofing company, similar to that of a general handyman company, can help you with any damages to your roof in case of a storm.  But also in case of purchasing a home with an older roof, having a roofing company readily available for any needs can help save money in the long run when it comes to selling your home in the future. 

4. A Landscaping Company

Landscaping in Florida is a task that many dread because of the heat and humidity.  With that comes typical lawncare that is not easy to maintain.  Therefore finding a company that is reliable to take care of your lawn, and will ensure it stays looking fresh and well-kept is the key. 

5. An Electrician

Having a reputable electrical company that is available at any time can save you in more ways than just the  lights in your home.  Electricians can assist with new projects such as adding in new wiring, installing new technology to upgrade your home, and save you money with making your home more energy efficient.  Having an electrician contact can act more as a resource as well as a desirable, trusted vendor.

6. An HVAC Company

An HVAC company is what can save you thousands of dollars every year.  Having a company that can regularly assist you with maintenance on a regular basis and have your home’s best interest in mind can help avoid high cost repairs in the future.  As well as having regular maintenance done, a great HVAC company can be available in emergency situations and recommend the best solutions.  

7. An Exterminator

Not many enjoy having pests in their home, especially when you have children or pets.  A reliable exterminator company can offer services that are tailored to your particular needs.  For example, for those who have pets, making sure the chemicals used are pet safe is best recommended by a trusted professional.

8. The County’s Contact Information

Lastly, having the county’s contact information is extremely important.  From water, to sewer, to even the non-emergency local police department can help you in so many ways.  Call your Real Estate Agent to learn how to get in touch with your county. 


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