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Mike and Andrew are here to present you with the Darda Group Real Estate Programs. Please feel free to call, text, or email with any questions, and the Darda Group looks forward to working together to buy or sell your Southwest Florida home!

What's Your Home Worth? Find your home or condo's value in today's market, for free.

This program is conceived to take the uncertainty out of selling your home and give you the control over your home selling experience.

Making use of this program you be able to skip the market and avoid prepping your home for sale, scheduling showings and holding open houses.

The Instant Offer Program gives you control over when your home is sold and when you move besides making the selling process an easy task.

Restrictions apply. View program details here.

Locking clients into multi-month contracts to sell their home is againt our belives here at Darda Group.

The fact that we belive our real estate system will work for you allows us to offer you the right to cancel your listing at any time prior to an offer to purchase with zero penalties, costs or obligations. That is just one of the many ways we can make the home selling experience easier and bring you peace of mind.

Restrictions apply.

The Sell Now & Move Later program is a solution for you that are considering selling your home but are concerned about selling your home before locating the next home first. By utilizing this program you can sell your home now but not have to close or even move until you find the ideal home to purchase.

Take advantage of the Sell Now & Move Later program at Darda Group and remove some of the stress from moving.

Restrictions apply.

Consider taking advantage of our Contract Services program if you are a homeowners that already have located the ideal buyer for your home.

Our team will take care of all the paperwork including contracts and disclosures and we will help the buyer arrange financing to purchase the home, removing the stress from the process. With contract services from Darda Group, selling your home has never been easier.

Restrictions apply.

What's Your Home Worth? Find your home or condo's value in today's market, for free.