Frequently Asked Questions For Buyers & Sellers

Are there any inexpensive tips to help your home stand out from the competition?

There are many inexpensive tips to help your home stand out from the competition in the market. Some of those tips include light landscaping, decluttering, paint touch up and more!

Which home improvements net the highest return on investment?

There are many ways that you could improve your home big or small to get the highest return on your investment. Compass Concierge allows you to get fronted for the cost of home improvement services with no interest! Compass Concierge is a hassle free way to sell your home faster and for a higher price with services, such as staging, flooring, painting and more! For more information on Compass Concierge contact the Darda Group.

Should you sell your home or should you wait?

Many people just like you are wondering this same question. Each area and price range in the market is unique in its own way meaning that different homes have different competition throughout the year.

Are we in a bubble? How long is this going to last for?

There are 3 factors you have to consider when thinking if we are in a bubble. Interest rates, supply and demand are all factors on whether we are in a bubble or not but as of right now these factors are in good condition. If there is any change the market will gradually absorb the change, but if the change is significant enough it could disrupt the market causing a bubble.

When is the best time to sell a house in Cape Coral?

There are different seasons for the different homes here in Cape Coral as well as each area and price range in the market is unique in its own way. Every home has competition but it is different throughout the year so when it comes to the best time to sell it is varying.

What closing costs are sellers responsible for paying?

Sellers are responsible for paying closing costs such as the owner's title policy, abstract title search, documentary stamps on deed, real estate fees, and standard closing fees.

Should you make repairs, offer credit, or sell as is?

When it comes to making repairs, offering credit or selling as is it really depends on the situation. Although if both parties come to an agreement offering credit would be the best option.

How much is your home worth?

The market is consistently changing, making your home value do the same. The information that is given by staying up to date on your home value will help guide you through your decision making process and provide you with insight that is valuable to your timing. To get an accurate home value visit https://www.dardagroup.

Want to create a bidding war on your home?

There is a strategy to get your home in the middle of a bidding war. Some common steps include pricing your house correctly and staging your house to make it look as well as it can.

How long does it take to sell in Cape Coral?

Within the Cape Coral market and many others it is rapidly fluctuating. Average Days on Market is always changing as well causing everyone's homes to sell at different times.

3 ways to sell now but stay in your home until you're ready to move?

Many potential sellers want to sell but are not ready to move out right away and that is okay. Selling your house does not mean it needs to be a quick process because sometimes it might be too quick. There are ways for you to sell your house but stay in it till you are ready, such as a long term closing or other options.

Who are the home buyers in Cape Coral?

Home buyers that make up the Cape Coral area include:

  • Foreign Buyers
  • Investors
  • 1st time Buyers
  • Luxury Buyers
  • YOU

Why “season” may be the worst time to sell a house?

Season may be the worst time to sell a house because inventory rises as much as 20% causing more competition to compete with.

Are there any photography tips and tricks to grab the buyers attention?

There are photography tips and tricks to grab the buyers attention. Some of those tips include staging your home, getting professional pictures taken of the property, and getting drone pictures taken of your home.

Are there any negotiating tips for sellers?

If you can live with the offer, take it because you do not want to lose the buyer because of a counter offer you made. If you can not live with the offer then counter at your best price. Never let it die on your side, always counter, never reject!

How do you sell on your terms?

Move when you are ready, not before! Let us negotiate a longer term closing, lease back or post occupancy agreement.

How do you sell your home for the highest price?

There are 5 steps to sell your home for the highest price.

  1. Overview Of The Market: By overviewing the market you will get a lot of good information someone would want when they are planning to sell their home such as; interest rates, availability of financing, and availability giving you a wide range of important information that is needed to sell you home at the highest price.
  2. Stand Out From The Competition: One of the most important steps that should be taken to get your home sold at the highest price is to make sure and STAND OUT.
  3. Excessive Exposure: We make sure to strategize and tap into all the major platforms to promote the exposure of your home so potential buyers can see it everywhere.
  4. Networking & Social Media Marketing: We use Facebook, Instagram, The MLS and many more to network and expose your home to as many people as we can.
  5. Leveraging The Team: Imagine having 15 trained professionals all working together to get your home sold. Who else could you need?

Need help with home repairs?

We understand that the thought of making home repairs does not sound like fun, but with our 30 years of business under our belt we have a tight knit army of vetted vendors that we would love to share with you. These vendors that we have are long-time vendors that we have been working with since we started. So if you are needing help with home repairs do not hesitate to call us at (239) 542-2822 and we will be happy to provide you with the right person for the job!

Work With Us

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