Fort Myers Real Estate

Ft. Myers, FL is a beautiful place to live, especially because it is a coastal community. In January, the area features an average high temperature of 74 degrees F. Winters are short, and the sun can be found here. Family-friendly attractions, restaurants, resorts, and beaches are right in the neighborhood when you chose to relocate to Ft. Myers. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford also have their winter estates nearby. Ft. Myers borders the Gulf Coast and is centrally located near a wide range of other attractions.

About the Ft. Myers Real Estate Market

Ft. Myers, FL has a median home value of $202,800, and a median rent price of $952 as of 2016. Per square foot, the median list price is $150. Ft. Myers features a per capita income in 2010 of $23,929. Large numbers of the population work in sales, office support, and management. The economy is robust, as Ft. Myers is the 39th largest economy in FL.


Ft. Myers has approximately 174 schools. These include the Three Oaks Elementary School (four-star review), Cypress Lake High School, and Ft. Myers High School. The district is part of the Lee County School District. Among the top rated schools in the district are The Sanibel School (K-8) and Florida SouthWestern Collegiate HS-Lee.


There are a wide range of things to do in the Ft. Myers area. Many of the attractions in the local area are outdoors-oriented because of where Ft. Myers is located. Airboat Nature Tours allow you to explore the beautiful wetlands that Ft. Myers has to offer. If you are more historically inclined, there is also a river boat cruise which is narrated and provides an overview of wetlands history.

Shopping and Dining

Ft. Myers is known for having a wide range of options to choose from for shopping and dining experiences. Because of the location, many of the options are seafood with other varieties mixed in. For shopping, you can explore the luxurious outdoor mall, Bell Tower Shops which also features entertainment and events.

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